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Contract Guardian provides an intuitive, affordable contract management system that delivers enterprise functionality, while mirroring your processes and terminology.

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How Do You Manage Your Business Agreements?

If you're like many companies, you keep a growing list of hard copies and electronic files plus a nifty spreadsheet to track key dates and details. Yet it can still take hours, even days, to track down the data you need when you need it.

Not having an effective system to manage your contracts is almost as bad as not having a contract! Organizations have invested significant time and money to reach the point of a signed contract. Unfortunately, it is incorrectly believed that this is the last time anyone needs to look at the agreement.

Explore how a Contract Management System Addresses your Needs.

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Industries Served by Contract Guardian

Healthcare Contact Management

Contract Guardian is a powerful solution that can quickly be implemented to bring immediate visibility to your business commitments and turn static data into actionable content. The common theme for each industry is dramatic improvement in how they interplay/connect with their customers, employees, vendors, leases and warranties. With affordable monthly pricing with our hosted contract management, you can see a return on investment in the first month.

  • Medical and Healthcare (Hospitals)
  • Academia (Universities and Educational Institutions)
  • Finance (Banks, Credit Unions)
  • Government (Local, County, State, and Governmental Type Agencies
  • Technology (Software Firms, Managed Services, etc.)
  • Legal (Law Firms, Corporate Legal Departments and Risk Officers)
  • Other applicable industries (Manufacturing, Distribution, etc.)

"For over thirty years UCG Technologies has helped its clients increase revenue, profits and competitiveness by providing practical and measurable information technology (IT) solutions.  We are absolutely passionate about our Contract Management Services and look forward to the opportunity to service our clients."

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Contract Guardian, a leading solution for managing company contracts, commitments, and compliance enhances its offering by providing native integration of DocuSign.